Ideology and Approach

[images from studio tests- CAC & Library Gallery}

Sometimes the most important outcome is when something did not work and yet the deadline does not care, time moves forward- critical to make a calculated response as not to literally fail.

Collaborating with another person can be a complicated and labor-intensive process, and yet when the project is completed the individual parts create a refreshing counter points of insight and structure that expand and complete the whole. When collaboration works, it is a remarkable experience – ideally the end results are bigger than one artist working alone.

Other partners and support.
Bradley and Marmor’s collaboration on the Porter installation is a work-in-progress that includes the participation of a number of important partners who tirelessly supported their creative efforts to make this a successful project.

Thanks to the director of the Special Collections , Tom Beck, who pitched the idea to explore and respond aesthetically to the Porter Archives.   Emily Hauver, director of the Albin O. Kuhn Library Gallery  was critical to this project and helped in numerous ways to open the Gallery doors to the public. Thanks to Tom Roth [images – touring the UMBC Biology Department, KRP Imaging Center], Professor Emeritus, for the introduction to the Porter imaging Center located in the basement of the Biology Department. Thanks to the newly appointed director of the Keith R. Porter Imaging Center at UMBC, Dr. Tagide deCarvalho, who lent us several pieces of equipment and granted access to a Porter-era operating electron microscope to record the electromagnetic frequencies using a VLF receiver and ambient audible sounds. Thanks to Tim Nohe, director of Center for Innovation, Research, and Creativity in the Arts (CIRCA) for the support of the reception and press announcements. Chesapeake Arts Center (CAC) for supporting Stephen Bradley’s artist-in-residence, where Marmor and he began the project January 2016.  Thanks to Eugenie Nable for her keen editorial and proofing eye.

Other support for the exhibition, at UMBC was provided in part by the Maryland State Arts Council, National Endowment for the Arts, the Baltimore County Commission on Arts & Sciences, The Center for Innovation, Research & Creativity in the Arts, the Friends of the Library & Gallery, the Libby Kuhn Endowment and individual contributors.